Chef Angel’s greatest passion is to create mouthwatering food. Growing up, she learned to cook at an early age when she spent most of her time in the kitchen with her “Lola” (grandmother), her mother and sisters.

They all dined together and created loving memories on that dining table that seated a big family of 8. This influence ignited her passion and love for cooking.

Filipino recipes with influences of different ethnicities, she absorbed the recipes that were passed down and taught to her at a young age.

Recipes that are nostalgic to her, she knows how to make a moment memorable by the power of food.

It is because of these fond memories that Heirloom Flavors was born, Chef Angel’s contribution to the Filipino food movement so she may share the same experience inspired by Filipino dishes passed on by the generations before her.

 She can prepare flavorful, creative, delicious and intimate dinner inspired be her Filipino roots for any special occasion. She always strives to bring you an intimate dining experience that you will never forget.

Her classical training and affinity for experimenting and the skill of perfecting recipes are her core resources to share those same experiences as if you are also part of the family in a loving home that seated 8.

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