Chef Angel

Chef Angel

Is a professional private chef, ServSafe certified and a Norfolk Foodhandlers card holder

#Let Me cook for You


September 27, 2022: Your not so typical First Grader.

Pancakes started my culinary journey…. 

I was not your regular 1st grader. As soon as I got home from school, instead of afternoon cartoons, I tuned in to cooking shows! One afternoon after coming from school and have sat down rather comfortably in front of the TV, I started having a massive appetite for pancakes!  But alas, we had no ready-mix box available!  But my grumbling tummy and monster appetite need to be satisfied so I summoned my eight year old brain to remember all the information I gathered from watching cooking shows! It is for such a time as this that the hours spent on cooking shows actually paid off. I took out the flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and even remembered the secret to make pancakes extra fluffy – a little of baking soda, baking powder and salt. And voila!!! I had my pancake and ate it too!!!!  I was the proudest 1st grader that day! 

I had a big family.  I grew up with my father, mother, grandmother, 4 older sisters and a host of pets that came and went. I spent a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen while my mother cooked our meals and come dinner time, all eight of us will sit down and eat together. No, not eat…we dine!  To end our feast,  my father will crack his dad jokes, he will have at least 2 a day, and when my sisters were old enough, they were asked to contribute their jokes too.  When you hear the chorus of our laughter this meant our meal has come to a joyful end. It is nostalgic and I love that about my childhood. Oh, I had my share of cooking calamities but it just made me more determined.  What fueled my passion was seeing the delight in my family’s faces when my kitchen experiments proved to be a success!  This ignited my L💖VE for cooking and brought me to where I am now. After a Science Degree and Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and throw in a cumulative professional experience of 17 years, I know I have come a long way from the humble kitchen of my childhood. 

But I’ll let you in on a secret.  Some nights, after a grueling shift churning gourmet food, meticulously plated and served to discerning clients, I just want to come home to pancakes 🥞

I am Chef Angel, your chef. Let me cook for you!


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